Dual Meet Info.

How to write events on children’s hands:

Stroke Abbreviation:
BK – backstroke
BR – breaststroke
FL – butterfly
FR – freestyle

Please write them in order & in SHARPIE!
Name: Event 1 Event 2
Sam Jones 6 BK A 25 FR

How to read a heat sheet:

Meet Line-Up:

  • Each individual is able to swim up to 4 events (2 relays, 2 individual events) 
  • All athlete’s that are 10 & under swim 1 length of the pool and all athlete’s that are 11 & over swim 2 lengths (50) or 4 lengths (100 IM). If your swimmer is NOT in the first heat, they swim in an exhibition heat.  The league only allows 25 exhibition heats per meet.

Here are a few good things to know if you are volunteering for a meet: 

  • Timer – use a stopwatch to time the athletes from when buzzer goes off to when they touch the wall
  • Announcer – announce each event number, gender of athletes, distance of the event, stroke, and heat number
  • Runner – take time cards from the blocks to the scorers table
  • Clerk of Course – help coaches take athletes and place them in the correct lanes/line them up behind the blocks
  • Ribbons – place stickers onto correct ribbons and place in teams mailboxes